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- personal data are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected or processed; 
- the holder has withdrawn his / her consent for the processing of data (in cases where treatment is based on consent) and there is no other basis for such treatment; 
- The proprietor opposes the treatment and there are no prevailing legitimate interests justifying the treatment.


Responsible for Data Processing

The person responsible for the processing of personal data collected and processed through this site is PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA. with headquarters in Rua do Barreiro, 553 - 4470-573 Maia with the Fiscal Identification number: 510997716, and any interested party can use the following contacts: Tel . +351 220 996 623 - E-mail:


Changes and Updates 
From time to time, this Privacy Policy may change. Navigation on this site implies acceptance of this Privacy Policy, so we recommend you to have regular access to this section of the site in order to check the latest version in force.


Rental Terms and Conditions

Included in the rental price:
Unlimited miles 
Civil Liability Insurance and own damages (SCDW) without deductible but with the exceptions. 
Non-Deductible Theft Insurance (TP)  
Taxes (VAT)  
Airport fee  
Travel Assistance 24 Hours

Driving license:
Driver must present valid driving license and at least 12 Months.

Fines Parking / Transit / Toll:
The Client / Driver is responsible for any Fine or penalty in any rental period. 
It applies to the rate of 36.90 Euros for each fine / transgression / toll identification.

Franchise / Security / Deposit - Authorization:
Driver must present a Valid Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard / American Express) on his / her behalf. A pre-authorization will be made to cover the costs of tolls, fuel and exceptions to own damage insurance.

Pre Authorization / Deposit:
300 to 600 Euros depending on the group / vehicle chosen.

If you do not have a Credit Card or the Pre-authorization does not pass you will have to leave the same amount in cash plus a 15 euro fee and the return will be made by bank transfer to the IBAN that the customer provides.

Loss of Keys will be charged to the customer the cost of the key if it is damaged or has been lost.  
If the car is stolen and the key is not delivered the theft insurance is not valid.  

Travel Assistance:
Assistance 24 hours in case of breakdown or accident is included in the rental.  
Depending on the circumstances, the SHP may not provide or charge for assistance in case of negligence on the part of the driver of the vehicle.

Chip Via Verde:
The service is free and only available to those who have a Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card .

Driver age restriction:
Minimum 21 Years and maximum 75 Years. 

Young Driver Fee:
Drivers with 21, 22, 23 and 24 Years, applies a fee of 7.5 Euros per day.

Driving outside of Portugal:
It is only allowed the departure of the car to Spain provided that PCH Car Rental, Lda. Is advised by the customer and has the extra cost of: 30 Euros per rental.

Delivery / Collection:
Deliveries and collections made outside the airports have the extra cost of 40 Euros per service and 1,50 Euros per Km traveled.

On request and subject to stock availability, Extra cost of: Included in rate

Own Damage Insurance (SCDW): 
The customer who has the SCDW included in the tariff with zero franchise. In this insurance is still covered the theft of the vehicle. SCDW does not cover: if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any other substance that changes his perception and reaction, disrespect for traffic laws / traffic, participation in sports events, rally or other competition.

Damages to be charged directly to the customer not covered by the own damage insurance: Antenna, Ashtrays, Damage or loss of keys, tires and rims, interior of the vehicle, spare wheel and accessories, gasoline cap, damage under the car, roof damage caused improper use or transport of volumes, extreme dirtiness in the vehicle, damages caused by negligence, holes and damages in the tires, fuel change, damages in the GPS and baby seats, damages in the AutoRadio , loss of the documents of the vehicle, in any case the PCH is not obliged to exchange a flat tire and this is the responsibility of the driver.


General Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement

PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA leases to the customer (identified in the rental agreement), through this contract, the vehicle indicated therein, under the terms and conditions referred to herein. 

1 - Use and condition of the vehicle 
The Customer agrees and accepts that he has received the vehicle in good condition and in good condition and that he will return the vehicle to the station where it was rented or in a previously agreed place, under the conditions in which it was delivered, with all documents, spare tire, anti-drill spray, tools, accessories, fuel level and equipment.  

The vehicle can not be used: 
a) to carry goods, in violation of customs regulations or in any other illegal practices; 
b) for the transportation of passengers or goods in exchange for any compensation or remuneration; 
c) for pushing or towing a vehicle or trailer; 
d) in sports competitions; 
e) by anyone under the influence of alcohol or narcotics; 
f) for the transportation of passengers or goods in violation of what is available in the single car document of the vehicle and other applicable legal rules. 

The customer will also be responsible for the driver of the vehicle he / she has indicated, who must be over 25 years of age (or less if conditionally accepted) and hold a valid driving license for at least one year. 

2 - Rental Validity and Payments 
The rental begins on the date and time of pick up of the car and ends on the date and time of return of the vehicle that is included in this contract, without prejudice to the PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA can subsequently charge additional expenses, which are only detected after the return of the vehicle. 

The extension or updating of the contract, requires the knowledge and authorization of PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA. 

If on the stipulated date of the end of the rental there is no return of the vehicle (unless there is a re-agreement ), it gives PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA the right to cancel the coverages and request the seizure of the vehicle from the police and judicial authorities competent authorities. 

The rental car is intended to be used in national territory. Departure abroad (subject to conditions) requires prior authorization from PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA and will not have insurance coverage and the customer will be responsible. 

PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA has the right to reduce the rental period and demand the immediate return of the vehicle without prejudice to the damages to which it is entitled. 

The customer expressly acknowledges his personal responsibility and must pay the following amounts: 
a) of all kilometers traveled by the vehicle during the hire in case of adulteration or failure of the odometer (these will be calculated according to the road map plus 10%). The odometer must always be checked and sealed; 
b) the expenses for the rental period, fees in consideration of the assumption by PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA of liability for damages produced by the customer in the vehicle in the case and in the conditions that are previously agreed; 
c) an additional pick-up / delivery fee if picked up and delivered to different stations or other pre-agreed locations; 
d) all fines and judicial or extrajudicial expenses, for any infractions in the road, or circulation in concessionary places, as for example tolls and ex-SCUTS ; 
e) expenses of PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA that are due for the collection of pending claims because of the client; 
f) expenses of the PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA for repairs and damages caused by accidents in the case in which it was not agreed the assumption of responsibility by the PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA; 
g) charges for minor damages resulting from the use of the vehicle during the rental period. New damages are considered, which are not indicated, at the date of the start of the rental, and whose conference is a joint obligation of the customer and the hirer. 

The loss or loss of documents, and / or the key of the vehicle is also the responsibility of the customer and implies payment of the same, subject to the prices in force at the time of its occurrence, between 150 euros and 350 euros. 

The customer authorizes and accepts the late charge on his / her credit card used for the initial payment, for additional expenses incurred after the return of the vehicle, for manual and electronic tolls, parking fines and road code infractions during the rental period, insurance deductibles, damages and other miscellaneous charges arising from the rental agreement.

3 - Insurance and Coverage 
The rented vehicle is insured according to the legal provisions of the country - compulsory insurance; covered cover of insurance covering civil liability are included in the current prices as well as, Collision Accident Coverage (CDW) - limits the liability of the customer for own damages of collision accident. 

It is not included in the price: other insurance, fuel, tolls and scruffs , collection fees, parking fees, washes, fines and in case of accident the trailer of the vehicle to the station of origin. 

The Client agrees to protect the interests of PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA, in the event of an accident during the rental period, as follows: 
a) notify PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA within a maximum of 24 hours, any accident, theft, robbery or fire, even in case of minor damage and provide you with a detailed report including sketches; 
b) immediately call the police authorities whenever the intervention of a third party occurs or if the vehicle is prevented from driving; 
c) date, time, place, names and addresses of the parties involved and of witnesses, as well as registration, trademark, insurance company and policy number of the third vehicle, mention in the participation the circumstances in which the accident occurred; 
d) in no case accept guilt or liability; 
e) do not leave the vehicle without taking adequate protective measures. 

In case of omission of one of the obligations prescribed in this contract, the client will be responsible for payment of all expenses and damages resulting from accidents, even if there is a clause derogating from article 1043 of the Civil Code, referred to in paragraph 2 (f) of this contract. 

All damages caused in the vehicle due to the bad use of the same will be on account of the client, even if including CDW, or the conditioned option Super CDW - reduction of the deductible compensated by additional importance. 

The protections indicated in the previous paragraph, in the absence of a collision, do not exempt the customer from payment for damages caused in the upper and lower areas of the vehicle (examples: roof rake, eg in underground car park / vehicle with loss of fluids - eg oil). 

CDW or Super CDW covers are also void in case of accident due to negligence, speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or drugs that impair driving ability. In these situations, the client will pay to PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA for all repair expenses and compensation corresponding to the time of immobilization of the damaged vehicle. 

In cases where LDW (TW and CDW) conditional coverage is included, - coverage of theft, ie damage or damage caused by deterioration, destruction or disappearance of the vehicle due to theft, robbery or theft of use (attempted, frustrated or consummated) and coverage in case of an accident, ie, collision, collision or rollover - it will be the responsibility of the client to guarantee the damages or damages caused in the vehicle, up to the amount of the deductible. 

In the event of theft or robbery, it is essential to present documentary evidence of the complaint made to the police authorities, stating the stamp of this entity. 

Specifically for CDW, LDW (CDW and TW) and Super CDW covers, the following damages are excluded: 
a) (eg on the beach, mountains or poor roads); 
b) originated from the bad state of the roads or roads, when this fact does not result in shock, collision or rollover; 
c) rims, tires and inner tubes not resulting from impact, collision or overturning of the vehicle; 
d) generated directly by sludge, tar or other materials used in road construction; 
e) resulting from the use of vehicles for any type of race or competition; 
f) caused by overloading or transporting objects that endanger the stability of the vehicle; 
g) caused by transported objects or during loading and unloading operations; 
h) intentionally created by the Customer or by the person for whom it is responsible; 
I) caused intentionally or involuntarily by the occupants with any objects that they throw; 
j) arising from the violation of the transit provisions in the Highway Code; 
k) which consist of lost profits, loss of benefits or results to the customer due to deprivations of use, replacement costs or depreciation of the vehicle. 

This includes WDW coverage - glass damage (including breakage) and PAI - coverage of personal accidents with capital of 1500 euros for medical care and hospital expenses and 15,000 euros for death or disability. 

The client discharges PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA from any liability for loss of any objects left, stored or transported by you or any other person, in or on the vehicle, during the rental period or after the return of the same. 

4 - Maintenance and Repair  
The normal maintenance of mechanics due to the normal use of the vehicle is due to the PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA. Expenses for minor repairs carried out by the customer (in particular lamps, fuses, oil replenishment) valued at more than € 15 (VAT incl .) Require authorization from PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA and, whatever the value, reimbursed upon presentation of the invoice and on behalf of our company. 

5 - Fuels and Oils 
Fuels are always the customer's responsibility. In case of introduction of fuel other than that used by the vehicle, the customer is responsible for the costs of full fuel replacement, dismantling and washing of the tank, engine tuning and other damages caused to the vehicle, without any opposition of its amounts. 

6 - Personal Data, Applicable Law and Forum 
The client authorizes PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA to proceed with the computer processing of the personal data provided and included in this contract, and according to Law no. 67/98, of October 28, Personal Data Protection Law, is guaranteed to the issuing entities, their responsible parties and / or named users, access to their personal data for the purposes of their rectification, updating or modification; in view of the provisions of article 6 of said law, the client also authorizes that PCH ALUGUER DE AUTOMÓVEIS, LDA, in case of breach of contract, communicate its personal data to ARAC, for inclusion in a database of non-performing customers and subsequent disclosure associated companies.


Consumer Information

Pursuant to article 18 of Law no. 144/2015 of September 8. 

In the event of a consumer dispute, the consumer may use the alternative dispute resolution entities available at, in the list of RAL entities.